At Scribbles and Giggles Childcare Centres we understand that education during children’s early years is essential in forming a solid foundation of learning for their future endeavours. We approach this through implementing a variety of play-based activities and experiences in a culturally safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environment, guided by the Early Years Learning Foundation (EYLF). Our learning environments are carefully crafted by our educators daily to be appealing to children while creating intentional learning spaces that engage children’s curiosity, imagination and cognitive thinking.

We focus on foundational learning, including literacy, numeracy, communication and language through a play-based learning model. A strong focus is also placed on social and emotional awareness and regulation as we understand that children who feel supported emotionally are able to receive their surroundings and interactions more openly.

In order to develop a successful program children’s current interests, development and family input is taken into consideration in the activities and experiences offered throughout the day. This can include intentional as well as spontaneous experiences designed to support children’s current knowledge while building a platform for their continuous development. Our program consists of a series of unique daily routines and experiences that create a holistic environment for children and promote the cultural identity of the families within our centres and community.