At Scribbles and Giggles we utilise a secure and private online communication portal called KinderM8 at no cost that is designed to document your child’s progress and learning as well as provide you with daily updates about your child. This is a great tool and helps you see your child’s development and growth as it happens.

These updates include their eating, sleeping and toileting occurrences and are updated at certain times throughout the day. Your child’s learning journey is also documented through the KinderM8 portal. This documentation can include various observations done by your child’s educators or snippets of their learning and interactions through the KinderM8 Newsfeed.

On enrolment all users are provided their own account and asked to choose their own password. This is a private and secure portal where all information and photos is owned by Scribbles and Giggles Childcare Centre.

This portal helps you stay in close contact with your child’s educators through a user-friendly interface which allows you to send electronic communications directly to your child’s educators.