At Scribbles and Giggles @ Botanica we are proud to be working hand in hand with Kids Fit Future.

“Kids Fit Future is a mobile multi-sport & fitness program for preschool aged children that teaches the fundamental skills of many different sports such as soccer, football, basketball, cricket & netball.

Their aim is to educate the children on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices to assist in reducing the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and ensure better health for their future. They encourage children to have fun while exercising in a safe, enjoyable and non-competitive environment.

Their instructors are fully qualified fitness professionals that specialise in training children. Classes run for 40 minutes & are conveniently held at Scribbles & Giggles Childcare Centre every Thursday.”

Kids Fit Future are passionate about kids health and fitness, and together we believe that a fit and healthy child is a happy one!