Although your child’s preparation for ‘big school’ is started the moment they join the centre, at any age. The formal preparation for this journey will occur in our pre-school room, which offers a safe and supportive learning environment for all children involved. Stations are placed throughout the room, focusing on the major learning areas. Each day, educators set activities and experiences for the children based on emerging interests which serve to scaffold and build on their current knowledge.

Your child will be progressively introduced to longer, more focused group times throughout the year to gradually increase your child’s attention span to meet the expectations of most primary schools. They will explore the concepts of language, mathematical and scientific concepts through engaging in a fun and interactive learning environment. Our certified, professional educators are experienced in adapting the learning environment to suit your child’s interests to ensure your child is taking in an optimal amount of information through interacting with their educators, peers as well as their surrounding environment.

The daily routine integrates skills needed for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Through play-based learning we aim to create learning opportunities in a holistic manner which harnesses your child’s sense of self, their identity, autonomy and agency. As these opportunities are based on your child’s interests, they become the designers and co-constructers of their learning journey.

Throughout the year your child will be invited to take part in exciting activities specifically catered to school readiness such as lunch box weeks and orientation days at local primary schools.

We have frequent contact with local primary schools, ensuring that we are informed of their expectations and intentions for your child’s transition into kindergarten. This ensures your child has the support and preparation they need to move on confidently to big school.

Our friendly staff are always willing to answer any questions about your child’s development and readiness for their transition to kindergarten. We recognise family involvement as being of the highest importance in this programs effectiveness.

School Readiness has particular focus on the following:

  • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Number and mathematical concepts
  • Self-discipline and self-regulation
  • Independent skills
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Language and literacy skills
  • Comprehensions and listening skills


Centre Opens. Children are collectively in Tiny Tots Room


Older groups transition into Caterpillar room


Children transition to outdoor play area*


Morning Tea


School Readiness Group time


School Readiness table activities


Munch and Move activities




Sleep/Rest/Quiet activities


Pack away beds/Quiet activities


Afternoon Tea


Outdoor Play*


Transition children inside for afternoon activities