Scribbles And Giggles Philosophy


At Scribbles and Giggles Child Care Centre we believe in providing high quality care and education for all our children.  We aim to provide an environment that is homelike, nurturing, stimulating and safe to all our children and families.



  • We believe that although children share a similar path of development each child will develop in their own time and in their own way as unique individuals. Children need to be valued, supported, protected and have their needs met. They also have the right to be cared for in an environment that is peaceful, loving, consistent, and that meets all of their needs.

Our team at Scribbles & Giggles will aim to provide an environment that is safe and that allows children to explore, grow and develop. Within this environment all children’s needs of safety, affection, education and physical needs will be met. Your child will be motivated to interact verbally in a positive way and to be able to participate within the group with respect, care and an understanding of others.



  • We believe and respect that families come in many forms and that the role of any parent is a complex one. We also believe that no one knows their child better than the parent therefore they are the best source of information and knowledge. This means it is important to build partnerships with families, to learn from each other and to meet the needs of not only the child but the whole family.

Our team at Scribbles & Giggles will aim to provide a link between home and care. We will work in partnership with families to provide the best possible care for your child as well as meeting the needs of the family as a whole. All our staff develop and maintain open communication with our families and use families as a source of information and support. We encourage our families to take an active role in their child’s learning and in the centre. Our parents are viewed as an asset and we encourage you to be involved in day to day operations, programs, and centre decisions. We aim to provide a support network to families utilising our centre and provide them with knowledge, advice and professional support should this be required.



  • Children and their families are a part of/and contribute to the wider community so we believe that social interaction and exposure to culture and community expands children’s knowledge and development. The more experience children have learning about diversity, the more understanding they will have of the world around them. This will help them to form their own views and help them adapt to new situations.

Our Staff at Scribbles and Giggles will aim to promote respect for diversity, culture and individual differences. We use every opportunity to teach children about the community around them and further develop their awareness of others and the world around them.

  •  We believe that children learn partly through observation of the environment and the people around them. Therefore children need to be exposed to a variety of social situations and positive role models that will help them to build an understanding of what is socially acceptable behaviour within society and the community around them.

Our team will aim to teach children about what is expected of them, and what is acceptable within our society. They will offer guidance and be positive role models, modelling appropriate and socially acceptable behaviour at all times.


  • We believe that children learn through play, therefore are active in their own learning. They choose play and activities that interest them and then learn skills from these experiences. We believe that children will learn more from something that they are interested in playing with rather than something they are told to do, so they should be able to freely choose which play experiences they use. Play should be based on experimentation, natural curiosity, exploration and children’s interests.

Our team aims to provide children with opportunities for free play and exploration to create a balance between teachers led learning and children’s ideas. We aim to create an environment where teachers do not always decide what to teach but rather help children develop projects around their own ideas, interests and play. Our Staff will listen to their ideas and observe their interests to expand on their play experiences. They will include activities that further develop their knowledge and skills through their own ideas as well as their own actions.



  • We believe in a sustainable environment and will try to awaken in each child an appreciation of their natural surroundings and its resources. Our environment is open ended, stimulating, nurturing and adaptable to the individual needs of each child. It encourages creativity and spontaneity and develops a sense of belonging and community within the learning environment

The team of Scribbles and Giggles aims to create a stimulating environment where children have the time, space and resources to experiment and explore their natural environment. We recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious and will continue to inspire this in young children so they can participate in sustainable practices for their future.



  • We believe that the program should be a balance between developmental and cognitive growth as well as children’s interests, imagination and creativity. Children are active in their own learning so therefore the program should reflect teacher guided learning as well as be flexible to include children’s own ideas about what they want to learn and how. Teachers should not always decide what to teach but rather help children to extend on their own ideas.

Our team in practice will aim to provide a program that balances developmental needs with children’s need to express themselves through imagination, creativity and spirituality.

Staff will challenge children to explore and experiment with their own ideas while guiding them in a way of learning from this curiosity. They will also use their own ideas and knowledge to initiate children’s thinking and encourage them to learn through every day experiences as well as providing opportunities for developmentally appropriate play.

We respect each child’s culture and its values, which we incorporate into our multicultural and anti-bias program.

All activities planned are age and stage appropriate and reflect each child’s development. Based on The Early Years Learning Framework, daily routines and the curriculum, encourage active involvement and meaningful experimentation in a secure setting that allows the children to be leaders of their own play.

Our practices support “Belonging, Being and Becoming” and the 5 Learning Outcome Areas for Children;

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners and
  • Children are effective communicators.


  • We believe that children need to build positive relationships with caregivers and that this is a fundamental element in the development of the child. Children learn best when they are listened to, responded to and cared for with affection. The role of the caregiver is to build this relationship and to provide nurturing, support and stimulation to enhance each child’s developmental journey.
  • We believe that children need positive guidance, role modelling and honest feedback from caregivers to build an understanding of the world around them that is free from bias and accepting of diversity.
  • We believe that caregivers have a responsibility to the child and family to meet their needs and provide support with the child’s best interests as the caregivers guiding principle.

The team at Scribbles and Giggles aim to build positive relationships with children based on trust and understanding. Staff will meet children’s basic needs with care, nurturing and affection. They will model appropriate behaviour and reflect on their own beliefs to create an environment free from judgement and bias and accept diversity, difference and individuality. At all times staff will use the children’s best interests as their guiding principle.