What To Bring

What To Bring To The Child Care Centre

The following are the items required for your child at the centre:

•A labeled bag with at least one spare change clothes, i.e. pants, underwear, socks, shirt etc. Additional clothes may be required for children who are toilet training
•As of 12 January 2009 parents will need to supply nappies – at least (5) for children enrolled for a full day. However those who are toilet training need to provide pull-ups and extra clothing – Labeled packet of baby wipes, for parents who have a particular brand they wish to use..
• Labeled bottles for children on formula or expressed breast milk
• A labeled empty bottle for children who are on cows milk, make sure bottles are accompanied with their lids
• Labeled drink bottles with lids for the children aged from 2yrs-6yrs
• Parents are to bring blankets for sleep time placed in a pillow case, also labeled
• A drink bottle labeled and with a lid
• All sheets for ages 2-5 years are to be supplied by parents
• All sheets for ages 0-1 years of age will be supplied by the centre