About Us

Our Story

Scribbles and Giggles was founded in 2007 and has been providing high-quality personally tailored care to the children in our community for over 15 years. Our unique approach to early learning gives our children the platform to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically in the way it best suits them. We pride ourselves on catering to children of all needs and abilities, including children diagnosed with disabilities and developmental delays supported through our additional programs. Our team of multidisciplinary carers and educators foster a holistic approach providing the utmost care and enhancing your child’s cognitive and social abilities while having fun!

Mission Statement

At Scribbles and Giggles Childcare Centres, our mission is to provide a unique learning experience designed to enhance your child’s cognitive and social abilities while having fun!

We promise to make education the best part of your child’s day by providing award-winning services throughout our childcare centres!

Our Extra-curricular Activities

Yoga – Nurturing children’s mental and physical development.

Fitness – Promoting participation and development of specific gross motor movements.

Cooking – Our Cooking program supports children in exploring different cultural events through food.

Lunch and Languages – Encouraging children to learn and share their home language and use it to support their relationships with others.

Indigenous Program – Our Indigenous Program educates and acknowledges the First Nations people and their valuable history.

Education – Hands-on intentional learning experiences specifically designed to help reach each child’s developmental milestones.

Inclusion Program – Educating children on what inclusion looks like for them and how to embrace it among their peers.

Sustainable Living – Children learn sustainable practices and an understanding of our impact on the environment.

Gardening – Children learn how to care for plants and grow their own food.

Community Involvement

We believe that community engagement is essential for providing quality, tailored care for each family and our centres are central figures in shaping partnerships that benefit children. By staying involved and contributing to our local community, educators nurture a sense of belonging for children and create a network for children as they grow.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in a child’s early childhood education results in quality learning and care, leading to better social, emotional and learning outcomes. We believe that parents play an integral role in your child’s early childhood education, from setting achievable goals to celebrating success. We welcome and encourage all parent input.

Menu & Nutrition

The centre has a qualified cook and provides five meals a day, consisting of a nutritionally balanced menu of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. We cater for children with allergies and dietary requirements while encouraging children’s healthy eating and physical activity.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team have extensive experience and shares the same passion for quality education and care. Our educators support children to learn through play in fun and stimulating learning environments and encourage activities that foster development and allow each child’s growing independence to shine.